Service and Upgrades

United Combustion & Services offers both service upgrades and field maintenance in order to be a valuable partner. We work on all types of batch furnaces, not just galvanizing furnaces. Our field and service technicians are available 24 hours a day.

Maintenance and Service

Because a furnace is a critical component to your operations, a planned maintenance program is vital to avoiding unplanned and potentially costly downtime. Our service technicians can also evaluate your current installation, recommending how to take advantage of technology advances to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Depending on your system, the money you save in energy costs can pay for the upgrades in a short time. We also provide traditional service work like burner tuning, parts replacement and process evaluations.

Kettle Pump-Out Service

When it comes time to change out a kettle, let UCS provide you with both equipment and supervisory personal to make this a safer and quicker process to get you back to galvanizing in the shortest time possible. Our field technicians provide a critical support to you during this stressful process and can get you back up and galvanizing quickly.