About Us

United Combustion & Services (UCS) and its predecessor company have been providing clients with experience gained in designing hot dip galvanizing plants and equipment for many decades.

Over that time, we have completed more than 300 jobs for approximately 100 clients in 30 states, 13 countries, on 5 continents. Our team members represent over 100 years of combined professional experience and service to the hot dip galvanizing industry and we are very proud of that service.

Plans for the future are based on continuing our leadership in technical achievement. We are acknowledged in the industry as the leader in furnace and plant design, and our industry awards and customer satisfaction attest to our position. We have representation in North America, Mexico, Central America and South America and these offices have helped us to develop a substantial international business. We also have staff consultants in galvanizing plant operations and market development.

UCS has the ability to assist in the planning and design of your galvanizing facility, fabrication of all or a portion of the process equipment, supervision of installation, or assisting with getting your facility running.

We do not simply buy and resell equipment that may not be exactly suited to our industry. Instead, we design and fabricate each of the major pieces of equipment that we supply. This gives you the security of single-source responsibility.

Our skills in job shop (general galvanizing of structural steel), small parts and chain link fencing are unmatched, and in conjunction with specialized engineering consultants, we offer expertise in the galvanizing of wire, pipe, small tubing & coil sheet, and have supplied and reworked all types of industrial furnaces.

The success of our business has been and will continue to be the result of providing superior products and service and extra attention to detail throughout our operation. Our ability to deliver state-of-the art products and services, and the unique talents of our key personnel, successfully differentiates United Combustion & Services from the competition.

Important to our success has been our ability to develop new products and services that closely match our customers’ needs. To initiate ideas for new products, we most often begin with input from our current customers and observation of the operating challenges they face. Then we develop a product or service concept, discuss it with our customers and incorporate their feedback into our final design.

Over the years we have developed a strong reputation within our industry. This reputation is based on the quality of our products and services, and is documented by letters of recommendation from many of our customers. Our customers include most of the active galvanizers in the USA and many heat shops. Furthermore, as important as our customer relations are to us, we feel that our relationships with our suppliers are equally important. In addition, we are active in the industry trade association, American Galvanizers Association.