United Combustion & Services

United Combustion & Services (UCS) has more than 45 years’ experience with industrial furnaces. Since 1975, we’ve worked with LPG and natural gas furnaces and controls and also provide galvanizing kettle changeouts. We have representative offices in strategic locations around the world and our projects include hundreds of installations in many countries across five continents.

  • LPG and natural gas furnace expertise
  • Kettle changeouts
  • Serving the world through our base in Columbiana, Ohio, U.S.A.

Galvanizing Process

The protection of steel from corrosion by the art and science of hot dip zinc galvanizing has been practiced for almost 200 years, and the technique is still unequaled for the long-term protection of structural articles that may be subjected to physical abuse during shipping and installation. This is because of the nature of the alloy coating formed when chemically clean steel is immersed in molten zinc.

Galvanizing Equipment

As a complete turnkey supplier, United provides a full range of equipment options for your plant. Our offering ranges from caustics and acid tanks and rinse tanks to galvanizing kettles to furnaces to designed and built to suit your specific requirement and system preference. We also stock replacement parts for a wide range of furnaces to help you maximize your uptime and productivity.

Environmental Equipment

At United, our goal is to offer you a complete range of environmental components to assure you can get peak performance from your galvanizing operation. We sell and install heat recovery systems, flux regeneration systems, flux filter presses, fume collectors, pretreatment enclosures, kettle enclosures, air scrubbers and kettle cover.

Plant Design

United offers complete galvanizing system planning and plant design services all the way through construction and cut-over. Our experience ranges from site selection and production planning and layout to furnace spec, installation, testing and cut-over plus all appropriate controls.